• Polentina €12,00

    (Soft polenta served with pecorino cheese cream and eggs).

  • Beef skewers with oregano €12,00

    (Teriyaki sauce, sugar and aromatic herbs)

  • Poached tomino €14,00

    (Bacon, shallot, raspberry chutney and carasau bread)

  • Salmoriglio kangaroo skewers €12,00

    (Served with parsley, herbs, oil, white vinegar, garlic)

  • Burrata €12,00

    (Burrata, yellow cherry tomatoes, courgette chips, anchovies, chives, mint and basil pesto)

  • Crocodile skewers in panko crust €14,00

    (Panko, lime, leek, chili, yakiniku sauce)

  • Creamed crocodile €14,00

    (Milk, laurel, rosemary, salt, pepper, bread)

  • (Courgette flowers stuffed with scamorza)

  • Veal skewer with pistachio €12,00

    (Teriaky sauce and pistachios)

  • Iberian pork tataki €17,00

    (Orange sauce, red sorrel mullet bottarga and wild fennel)

  • Italian majesty €65,00

    (Veal skewers, tomino cheese, polenta, beef tartare, veal tartare, caprese confit, creamed crocodile)


  • Beef tartare €17,00

    (Chicory, anchovies, salt, olive oil, pink pepper, white sesame)

  • Smoked beef tartare €18,50

    (Capers, red onion, grain mustard, tabasco, Worcestershire sauce, oil, salt, marinated yolk, beech smoked)

  • Veal tartare €17,00

    (Goat cheese mousse, mint, asparagus, citronette, spring onion, ribes, salt, olive oil )

  • Deer tartare €19,00

    (Cacio cheese, hazelnuts, caramelized onions with Moscato, thyme, salt, olive oil)

  • Horse tartare €17,00

    (Cacio cheese mousse, artichokes, thyme, citronette, rosemary oil, salt, pepper)

  • Beef carpaccio €16,00

    (Saffron mayo, rocket, spring onion, carasau bread, edible flowers, pate of olives, Grana cheese flakes and toasted almonds)

  • Veal carpaccio €16,00

    (Brandy and coffee sauce, crunchy pecorino cheese, carasau bread, edible flowers, thyme, raspberries and hazelnuts)

  • Gran crudo €55,00

    (Beef carpaccio, veal carpaccio, horse tartare and deer tartare)


Ferrous and intense flavor

  • Kangaroo €27,00

    (Fat free, tasty and salty)

  • Ostrich €29,00

    (Rich of proteins, sweetish and fat free)

  • Camel €32,00

    (Irony taste, intense and salty)

  • Horse €27,00

    (Tender, tasty and ironish taste)


Strong and sapid flavor

  • Deer €27,00

    (Wild, low fat, dark colour and strong taste)

  • Reindeer €35,00

    (Red inside, fat free, tender and with a strong taste)

  • Boar €27,00

    (Very skinny, rich of proteins, tasty)

  • Bison €41,00

    (Intense with a strong iron taste)

  • Lamb €27,00

    (Tender with a quite strong taste)

  • Uruguayan Angus €28,00

    (Tender, intense, with a strong taste)

  • Sashi Freygraard Finland €33,00

    (Marbled and delicate)


Delicate flavor

  • Zebra €32,00

    (Pinkish colour, very tender and delicate)

  • Chianina €29,00

    (Intense marbling and delicate taste)

  • Fassona €29,00

    (Skinny, medium marbling, tender and delicate)

  • Hereford prime irish beef €33,00

    (Succulent, intense with a full mouth taste)

  • Bavarian beef €29,00

    (Quite skinny, medium marbling and delicate)

  • Kobe 200gr €50,00 per grams

    (Intense marbling, tasty and very tender)

All our fillets are cooked on a fry top that does not reach the smoking point, therefore the protein is caramelized without burning and the fats undergo hydrolysis without being dispersed but remain in the meat, enriching its taste and softness.
The Fillet is served with a trio of sauces chosen by the chef.


€ 2,50

  • La Filetteria

    (Mayo, BBQ sauce, pink pepper and tabasco)

  • Artichoke cream

    (Artichokes, sunflower oil, water, salt, garlic, pepper)

  • Sweet mustard

    (Yogurt, mustard beans and honey)

  • Chimichurri

    (Oil, parsley, vinegar, rosemary, pepper and oregano)

  • Bagnetto verde

    (Parsley, bread, anchovies, vinegar and garlic)

  • Chicory Chioggia IGP

    (Radicchio, leek, red wine, balsamic vinegar of Modena PGI, salt and pepper)

  • Orange sauce

    (Oranges, butter, white wine and cinnamon)

  • Brandy and coffee

    (Mayonnaise, brandy and coffee sauce)

  • Cipollosa

    (Tropea red onion, white vinegar and sugar)

  • Beet mayonnaise

    (Mayonnaise and beetroot sauce)

  • Nduja cream

    (Tomato pulp, 'nduja, onion, dried tomatoes, sugar, salt)

  • Cacio & pepe

    (Cacio cheese and black pepper)

  • Saffron mayonnaise

    (Mayonnaise and saffron)

  • Raspberry chutney

    (Raspberries, sugar and balsamic vinegar)


€ 7,00

  • Baked potato

    (Cheddar sauce, crunchy bacon and chives)

  • Our caponata

    (Eggplant, courgette, onion, tomato pulp, salt, oil, pepper, white wine vinegar and sugar)

  • Marinated grilled vegetables

    (Aubergines, potatoes and zucchini marinated with oil, salt, pepper, garlic and parsley)

  • Purple mashed potatoes

    (Potatoes, milk, butter, basil powder, salt and pepper)

  • Baked potatoes

    (Oil, garlig, rosemary)

  • Lime artichoke salad

    (Artichokes, oil, salt, pepper, lime zest and mint)


  • Creamy Coffee* € 9,00

    (creamy coffee, white chocolate namelaka and cocoa crumble)

  • Cannolo* € 8,00

    (Sheep ricotta cheese with pistachio grains)

  • Tiramisù with basil* € 8,00

    (Mascarpone cream with basil, butter biscuit with basil coulis)

  • Cheesecake with berries* € 8,50

    (Biscuit crumble. Spreadable cheese. Eggs and cream)

  • Dark chocolate cake* € 9,00

    (With vanilla ice cream and crumble salted caramel)

All ITALIC GOLDEN  products are defrosted.
The dishes served may contain substances that can cause allergies or intolerances.
For more information, consult the documentation available at the cash desk or ask our staff.
All meat products intended for raw consumption have been subjected to preventive remediation treatment in compliance with the prescription of EC Reg. 853/2004.