Begin the journey

  • Riso al salto 14.50

    Salto Milanese rice on Gorgonzola fondue and Patanegra sauce.

  • La Tartare 17.00

    Scottona tartare with creamy mustard and honey, anchoas fillets and hazelnuts.

  • Le Polpettine 14.50

    Beef and pork balls in yogurt sauce, lime zesta and chives.

  • Il Carpaccio 16.50

    Bavarian Scottona carpaccio, Cipriani sauce and caper powder.

  • Tataki di Suino Iberico 18.50

    Fillet of ibérico pork* seared with sesame on Julienne di Verdurine Crunchy.

  • I Fiori Di Zucca 14.00

    Fillet of ibérico pork* seared with sesame on Julienne di Verdurine Crunchy.

  • Jamon De Bellota 28.50

    Jamon de bellota 100% accompanied by grilled artichokes.

  • La Burrata 15.50

    Apulian burrata gr.120 on coulis of yellow tomatoes.

  • Tomino in camicia 15.50

    Tomino in Bacon Crust, Accompanied by Crispy Leeks and Spicey Tomato Chutney, Served on a Bed of Carasau Bread

  • Tartare Di Bufalo Smoke 18.00

    Classic recipe with marinated egg yolk and caper flower, smoked with beech

To the discovery

All our fillets are served accompanied by a taste of a trio of sauces

  • Mouflon* 30.00

    Its wild meat takes on a very intense flavor.

  • Buffalo* 32.00

    Among the most lean, light and delicate meats

  • Fallow deer* 31.50

    Lean meat, intense flavor and pleasant texture

  • Kangaroo* 32.00

    Low in fat, delicate taste and rich in minerals

  • Deer* 32.50

    A tender and aromatic meat, with a wild and elegant taste.

  • Reindeer* 54.00

    Tasty, tender and lean, with an exotic, traditional and wild taste.

  • Ostrich 40.00

    Delicate, lean, known for its soft texture, rich in protein and refined taste.

  • Wagyu A5* 98.00

    Enchants with its softness, rich and intense taste, and an extraordinarily luxurious and exclusive marbling.


It is the most noble cut. Its unique tenderness is conferred by the poor use of muscle during the life of the animal.


It indicates the degree of infiltration and distribution of fat within the muscle fibers.

Reazione di Maillard

A specific interaction of sugars and proteins that, during cooking between 140 and 180 someone, activates the caramelization on the surface, leaving the inside soft and juicy.

For the more traditional

All our fillets are served accompanied by a taste of a trio of sauces

  • Scottona Prime Queen 32.00

    The grass-based diet gives the meat authenticity and tenderness

  • Manzo Baron BYK 32.00

    Excellent fat balance and a vibrant ruby color

  • Manzo Himmerland 33.50

    Rich and intense flavors will surprise you in every bite

  • Scottona Merida 35.00

    An elegant taste with a sweet and refined trend

  • Scottona Kobieta 34.00

    Ideal for lovers of intense and tasty meat

  • Veal 32.50

    With extraordinary tenderness, very thin and good protein content.

  • Horse 29.50

    Lean, rich in protein, tender, tasty, and dark red

The Sauces


  • Dolce senape

    Mayonnaise, mustard, mustard mustard in grains, honey

  • Roasted Onion

    Roasted onaions sauce with a rich caramel flavour

  • Mayo allo zafferano

    Variation of classic mayonnaise, with distinct aroma and vibrant color)

  • Firecracker

    A spicy and spicy sauce, known for its intense flavor and warmth

  • Filetteria

    Rich and spicy from the umami touch of worcester and lively tobacco)

  • Cipriani

    A classic and elegant sauce, known for its delicate and creamy flavor

  • Dressing Yogurt

    Light and refreshing yogurt seasoning, enriched with herbs, garlic, and lemon juice

  • Salsa Caesar

    Creamy and tasty sauce, based on anchovies, lemon juice, garlic, Parmigiano Reggiano, and egg


  • Seasonal Vegetables on the Grill 9.00

    Selection of seasonal grilled vegetables, enhanced by a light marinade.

  • Baked Potatoes 9.00

  • Friggitelli Saltati 9.00

    Fry lightly sauteed, offer crispness and delicacy.

  • Friarielli alla Napoletana 9.00

  • Mashed potatoes 9.50

    Classic: "Traditional, creamy and delicate mashed potatoes
    With Lime Zest: "Puree enriched with lime zest, for a fresh and citrus taste."
    With Crispy Bacon (+1.50€): "Mashed potatoes with crispy bacon, for a rich and intense taste."


  • Kangaroo Salad 16.50

    Grilled Kangaroo*, Valerian, Avocado, Berries and Yogurt Dressing

  • Caesar salad 16.50

    Grilled Veal Steak, Crunchy Cheek, Salad, Boiled Eggs, Parmesan Flakes, Bread Croutons and Caesar Sauce

  • La Vegetariana 16.00

    Apulian Burrata, Misticanza, Cherry Tomatoes, Aubergines and Grilled Zucchini, Walnuts and Black Olives

Sweet Conclusion

  • homemade desserts 9.00

    Ask the staff for the proposals of the day

*thawed product.

The dishes served may contain substances that can cause allergies or intolerances. For more information see the documentation available at checkout or ask our staff. All meat products intended for raw consumption have been subjected to preventive remediation treatment in accordance with the requirement of Reg.CE 853/2004